Globaljig GlobalScan Computerized Measuring System Debuts

Nov. 3, 2016—Chief Automotive has released its new Globaljig GlobalScan computerized measuring system, which is meant to be paired with any Globaljig collision repair bench to identify and document all structural damage on a collision-damaged vehicle.

GlobalScan is making its North American debut (at booth No. 10116) at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which runs through Friday.

The computerized measuring system integrates laser scanning with a database of vehicle specs for accuracy in collision analysis and repair. It measures multiple points on the vehicle simultaneously, so technicians can monitor the effect of pull on an entire vehicle. GlobalScan also documents every step of the repair process.

“Live, multi-point monitoring is especially important today because modern vehicle design is transferring collision energy through the vehicle’s frame and both to protect the occupant compartment,” said Lee Daugherty, Chief global data product manager. “For example, when techs make corrections to the front of the vehicle, they are likely to also affect the rear of the vehicle. But they can’t know for sure what effect those changes have had without monitoring the whole vehicle. GlobalScan allows technicians to watch the entire vehicle frame straightening in front of them on the computer screen.”

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