BASF Reveals Color of the Year, Launches Zyrilliant Color Series

Nov. 3, 2016—BASF Automotive Refinish announced Tuesday its 2017 “Color of the Year” and unveiled its new Zyrilliant Color Series at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The 2017 color of the year transitions from blue to gray, depending on a viewer’s vantage point. The inspiration was based on color trends and highlights BASF’s passion for color design, coatings and chemistry for the auto industry.

“Our design team predicts a stronger presence of blue shades that offer versatility,” said Paul Czornij, head of design for BASF’s Color Excellence Group.

The Zyrilliant Color Series is a collection of 108 colors that provides restoration shops the ability to deliver rare shades. The series offers 36 custom shades, as well as 12 ground colors and 60 high-chroma colors that can be combined and applied using a tri-coat process. The shades react to direct light to produce color-changing effects.

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