ALLDATA Releases Updated Collision Feature

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 2016ALLDATA recently re-launched its updated ALLDATA Collision feature, which delivers instant access to the company's database of more than 38,000 engine-specific vehicles95 percent of all vehicles on the road today. Collision includes OEM procedures such as sectioning and structural repairs, handling of new materials, and panel removal and replacement. ALLDATA President Mitch Major shared with FenderBender the updates to the feature.

1. What are some of the changes collision repairers can expect with ALLDATA's new technology platform?

Within ALLDATA Repair & Collision, they can expect more data, better search and faster navigation. The platform has been re-engineered so that ALLDATA provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of automotive repair information in the industry. A single lookup now produces both OEM information and tech-verified repairs all on one screen. The navigation was also improved to help find information faster with fewer click and an easy-to-use interface.

2. How will the ALLDATA Collision feature help collision shop owners?

ALLDATA Collision includes all of the mechanical repair information in ALLDATA Repair, plus the OEM direct Collision repair information. This product helps shops repair vehicles to their original OEM warranty specifications and limits the shop's liability. To get the complete ALLDATA Collision Advantage, shops can also add stimate integration to ensure that estimates are OEM-accurate. Estimate integration predictively displays OEM collision repair information and procedures directly from ALLDATA Collision and works with all three major estimating systems.

3. And when it comes to the ALLDATA Tech-Assist with rescue lens feature, what's the benefit for shop owners? 

ALLDATA Tech-Assist is a diagnostic hotline that provides advanced automotive diagnostic and technical advice from a team of highly skilled ASE certified Master Techs. Our new interactive video feature, Rescue Lens, allows the Tech-Assist team provide two-way, problem-solving communication through video, speakerphone, white-board annotations and text. Ultimately, this helps collision shops shrink turn-around times and improve productivity by reducing or eliminating time lost due to sublet diagnostics.

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